What are Microsoft OneNote and Outlook?

Microsoft OneNote

It is a software application on Microsoft Office suite which helps us in taking notes and storing information. It helps us create various notes on various topics with an unlimited number of pages. We can not only write notes but also add some styles to it, different fonts, add pictures, add drawings, highlighting, and more. It is specifically designed for research, note-making, note-taking, and storing information that may be/may not be useful to us. It not only lets us create notes privately, but we can also share them making it a versatile application. One Note is analogous to our paper notebook, however, it is in a digital form wherein we can categorize and store notebooks under various sections. Creating notes under different sections helps us inefficient working. It also enables us to create links from web browsers. It is user-friendly and very helpful in today’s date. It can be accessed both by the students as well as the professionals.

Notes saved in the cloud can be accessed from any device connected to our Microsoft Office, which allows us to resume our work. It can be accessed on either iPhone, Tablet, smartphone, etc. One note can even be used in classrooms for delivering presentations. Tables created on One Note can be converted into an excel document easily.

The latest version of OneNote is characterized by many new features like- turning on the dark-mode which improves the readability of notes in low-light environments, navigation and organizing our notes have become much easier, we can mark our notes with a tag and later search for the tagged notes. This has not only reduced our time and energy but also helped in increasing the work efficiency.

Benefits of One Note

  • It helps us track changes.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Can be accessed on all compatible devices.
  • It is featured with touch capability to draw into the system.
  • It supports Multi-media.
  • It secures information privately.
  • Notes can be shared privately.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager included with Microsoft Office. This application manages emails, calendars, tats, contacts, to-do-list and also helps us communicate via emails and helps us share the information via internet connectivity. It allows us to arrange our information in any which way we want it to see it.


Communication is easier with Microsoft Outlook, sending emails is just one click away. While attaching files is mostly fussy work, it helps to attach files in different formats quite easily. It is widely used in organizations where setting up teamwork becomes easy and collaborating with other teams becomes easier, effective, and efficient. Ms. Outlook allows us to track our tasks, manage and store our contacts, calendars. Outlook automatically marks our reservations, for instance, any flight booking, hotel booking, etc on our calendar so that we never miss those. Outlook makes sure that we don’t miss our important alerts like a job notification or a sale announcement. It keeps a track of. all these. This alert displays over any other application we might be working on so that we don’t miss it.

Having multiple threads in our inbox which are not so important, a clean-up button in Outlook deletes the messages that are read and keep unread messages. This way it can free up space.

From managing our contacts to sharing the information keeping the track of important stuff and managing our digital schedule, Outlook has proven its use time and again.

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