What is Office Setup?

The Collection of Computer Programs which are meant to provide services in an efficient manner comes under the popular name of Microsoft Office also known as MS Office developed by Microsoft. It was first introduced in the year 1988 by Bill Gates. There are many released versions of Microsoft office setup to date. MS Office 2021 is the latest officially released version which is being used on Android, IOS, and Windows 10. It is available in 1020 languages while MAC only supports 16 languages. Office Mobile and Web version known as Office Online is also available. This package basically contains office-related applications. It comprises an application that has a unique purpose and offers a specific service to the end-user. Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word which is a text editor to create documents, Microsoft Excel a spreadsheet to perform mathematical calculations, graphs, etc. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to make presentations with a range of themes and attractive designs, Microsoft Vision is a tool to create professional Diagrams, and Microsoft Outlook is used to manage Emails and calendars.

What is included in your Microsoft 365 subscription?

There are many more applications in ms office setup which a user can choose according to his requirements called suites. It’s a price or a subscription-based according to the suites which have variants like Applications/Suites for students, office, and business. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription service of the bundle with added features that also comes under this family.

Is Microsoft office free?

There are many ways to get office alternatives in free but nothing matches the quality of the original paid version of office setup from

  1.  There is a free trial of 30 days for the applications with 1 TB free One Drive storage and Skype minutes without any restriction, but they all get expired after 1 month. You can extend the trial period if it hasn’t been extended before.
  2. You can use Microsoft Office online web versions. You don’t need to download the software and have free templates. Work can get automatically saved, but it doesn’t check the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Files don’t get saved to their original formats.
  3. You can download mobile apps from the play store and IOS. Mobile apps allow you only to create, edit and view the document. It has some hindrance of mobile screen size i.e. it’s free to create and edit with a screen that is smaller than 10.1 inches otherwise it will cost you or not provide you with all features.
  4.  You can sign up for TechNet Evaluation Center at which claims that you can use brand new features before anyone else and get full access to Office applications for free but you don’t have a guarantee that you get to use the particular app which you want to use.

What is the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 2021?

Microsoft 365 can be downloaded from Everything has its own pros and cons. In the same way, Microsoft 365 provides you with a professional suite of applications with different options and prices. If you are the only person who wants to use Office 365 then this plan would give you access to the suite of applications, along with Skype minutes and 1TB of One Drive storage for $70 a year. Having said that, if you want to share your account with all the benefits of up to 6 members across their devices then you should purchase the “Microsoft 365 Home” plan for $100/year.

However, If you only want to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint only to get your work done with enough features but without any additional services like One Drive and Skype minutes, then Microsoft 2021 is the best option that costs you 149.99$. This is a one-time investment. While subscribing to office 365 versions, you never have to worry about new versions or upgrade of the apps. You will use the most up-to-date version of the apps. You can have cloud features that have real-time collaboration and AI features to help you in your work. It has regular security updates and access to the latest features. Microsoft office 2021 is more like “Pay once and Forget”.  A one-time purchase is available for both PCs and MAC.

How do I download Office Setup?

Download directly from –

  • Open your internet browser and go to – for Microsoft 365.
  • If you are not signed in then sign in to your account. This account can be your Microsoft account or school/work account.
  • After signing in, from the office page/setup, install office setup depending upon the version.
  • As soon as you will press the download button, the download will start and the required office setup will be downloaded to your PC or MAC.
  • You will have a message pop up on your screen “Do you want to allow this app to make changes in your PC”. Allow Run or Yes. The installation will begin.
  • Your installation will be completed and you will see the message “Your installation is completed” OR “You’re all set, Office is installed now!” Close the message and you are ready to use the office setup which you have downloaded from or
  • You can also get a single application like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel from the Microsoft store of Windows.
  • If you want to download it on IOS, then you should search it on the App Store. The versions might have a difference between IPad and iPhone versions.

How do I activate Office Setup

Activate the Product key in any of the office setup Applications. If your Office card came with a product key then enter the office key in any of the Ms office setup applications or on Office website and your setup is ready to go. You must scratch it carefully so that your product key doesn’t get damaged and the silver coating will reveal your product key. A product must be a combination of numbers and alphabets but the activation key will be shown as XXXXX
Office Product Key
Easy  Method to Find and activate the Product Key

If you are using licensed volume then you must contact the admin to about the product key. You will use the Microsoft HUP Product key if you have bought the Office Professional Plus

  1. Go to for Office Setup.
  2. Sign In or Create a new Microsoft Account.
  3. Find your Office Product Key.
  4. Enter Microsoft Office Product key.
  5. Select your Country and Language.
  6. Download Office Setup and follow On-Screen instructions.
  7. Finish the Installation Process and Run the Applications.

Redeem a new Office Product Key

Go to website or Enter Your Microsoft account details and get yourself signed in. Enter the product key without hyphens and if it doesn’t appear, it means it is automatically updated. Follow the steps to complete the procedure

Easy Steps to install or reinstall office setup

When you enter the product key on and the message pops up like this “Your product key has already been used”, this means that your key has already been redeemed.


Activate Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021

  • You’ll see the screen if you sign in to Office that was pre-installed on your device but Office
    isn’t associated with your account.
  • You can either activate the trial Office for 1 month or can buy the Office annually.
  • You can add Office to an existing office 365 subscription
  • Enter a product key from a product key card.
microsoft home and student

Use Microsoft Office without activation

Yes, you can use Microsoft Office without Activation but things might not work smoothly for long. You can use it in the following ways without Activation:

Microsoft Office Free Trial

Microsoft 365 gives you this facility to use the office free for 30 days on PC and MAC. The only downside is that you have to insert/provide the card details on your Microsoft account on so that after the expiration of the trial, you will be charged $9.99/per month or you can cancel the service before the trial expiration so that you won’t get charged.

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft provides Office Online which is the completely free and web-based version of Office. which you can use in any web browser. It doesn’t work with the files which are stored on your computer though it works with the documents which are stored in your One Drive. It has limited features but it gives you some help in formatting your documents. Office online can’t be used offline.

It is also very important to install computer security for the smooth working of Microsoft Office. You can download Mcafee Antivirus from